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Here are some links to stories I have had published on the net:

In 1999 frieze magazine commissioned me to write a story to accompany artwork from David Thorpe, which was very exciting (and financially rewarding!). The story was called 'The Lookout', and appeared in Issue 47. Unfortunately the link doesn't show the artwork but below I have scanned one of the pictures (a collage - difficult to tell I know from this):

The Lookout also appeared in England Calling (2001) Weidenfeld & Nicolson

'Background Noise' has been posted on East of the Web. They also accepted another of mine:

'The Heebie-Jeebies'. Excellent site. I even have my own page.

The two images either side are at the head of each story.

The Broken Areas, a short short is out on Wufniks.

'Country Life'  I have posted this story from my first collection 'Taking Doreen out of the Sky' on GoodReads, a book site I am a member of and frequently visit. The story was originally published in London Magazine 35(2) 1992.

'Mustard'  after four years of trailing around the world looking for a home this large (for me - 6000 words!) story has finally come out on Sunk Island Review. I had two stories in there in the 90s when it was a print magazine, but it ceased to be until recently (March 08), and now has been revived in an online form only by the editor Michael Blackburn.

'Hot Little Danny' is on .

I've had two stories accepted by Vestal Review ( a New York based magazine which hosts fiction of less than 500 words):  'She Had to Take off Her Glasses' and 'The compliments they slip you' (not on line now: 2015).

The Compliments They Slip You is now up on the National Flash Fiction day page 2016. Here:

In Posse Review took another short piece of mine'No one visible'

I have posted the opening story, 'Saturday in the 'Sac' from '..Doreen..', on this website exclusively.

Litro Magazine published a flash of mine 'Old Men Complaining' in Oct 2013.

Oblong Magazine published my story 'One Sunday at the Beginning' in Oblong 3

Spelk Fiction have published two flashes of mine: 'Ice Cream' and 'November'

'The Room Peels' - another flash - is out at Postcard Fiction.