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My second collection of stories 'You Don't Have to Say' came out in September 2010. Reviews here.

Here's the front and back covers (and some of the blurb repeated underneath in case you missed it):

'Mimetic prose, heartfelt compassion, razor-sharp observation. A conduit

through which the real world passes on its way to the page, Alan Beard is a

superb short story writer and here he is at the top of his game'

Nicholas Royle

'Alan Beard is the real thing - a writer with true talent and staying

power and a dedication to the short story form. This marvellous

new collection deserves a wide audience.'

David Almond


CONTENTS (Stories in the order they appear)

Hot Little Danny  first published in 2005.

Backing Up  appeared in 'The New Writer' 2009.

Above the Shop  appeared in 'Pretext Vol 2', 2000.

The Party  appeared in Tell Tales 3, 2006.

The Lookout  appeared in 'frieze', 1999, and in England Calling, 2001. 

Little Chef

At the Back of Everything  appeared (as 'Mustard') in 'Sunk Island Review', 2008.

Background Noise  appeared on the 'East of the Web' site, 2009.

River Walk 

Staff Development  appeared in 'Warwick Review' vol4, no 2, June 2010, and will appear in Best British Short Stories 2011.

One for the Album

The Ditch  appeared in 'Even More Tonto Stories', 2010.

Huddersfield versus Crewe  appeared in 'Neonlit Vol 1', 1999, and in 'Going the Distance', 2003 and is available to read on Laura Hird's website.

The Heebie-Jeebies  appeared on 'East of the Web', 2009.


The original cover, or the working-cover before the one above was chosen looks like this:

I do like this cover, it seems to fit neatly with some of the stories (especially Background Noise), and it has a nice claustrophobic/edgy/neglected feel. However the cover finally chosen is better, I think.

I notice that this cover keeps cropping up though - on amazon, on reviews (eg the one in the Independent today (5.1.11).