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The book details:  Taking Doreen out of the Sky (originally published by Tindal Street 1997 ISBN:0-9528246-1-2)  was re-published by Picador 1999 ISBN: 0-330-37192-4. Reviews here. The Picador edition cover, back and front:



The stories as they appear in the book:


Saturday in the 'Sac was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1993 and appeared in Malahat Review 106, 1994 and in Telling Stories Vol 3 (ed: Duncan Minshull) Sceptre 1994. You can also read this story exclusively on this website


Come See About Me appeared in Panurge 13, 1990 and in Best Short Stories 1991 (ed: Gordon, G & Hughes, D) Heinneman, and in The Minerva Book of Short Stories 4 (1992) You can currently buy the Minerva book for 1 penny at amazon.


Betty and Brian appeared in Sunk Island Review 5, 1992.


King was in Critical Quarterly 33(3), 1991 (under the title Circle)


Taking Doreen out of the Sky appeared in London Magazine 25(8) 1985, was bought by Cosmopolitan in 1990 but has yet to appear, and won the Tom Gallon award for best short story in 1988.


Nothing Personal was in Panurge 15/16, 1992


Country Life was in London Magazine 32(5), 1992. I have posted it onGoodReads for those interested.


The Optician's Assistant


Why I'm Late In appeared in Nutshell 12, 1990


Cheer Up Lucky Lips Forever 


Previous Lives - London Magazine 27(9), 1987/88


A Man was in Bete Noire 8/9, 1989 and is available to read on the 'Doreen..' amazon page (together with reviews - scroll down to read the story).


Dad, Mum, Paula and Tom was broadcast on Radio 4 in 1996 and came out in Sunk Island Review 11, 1997:



here's the TSFG cover (1997):