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Flabby Man

Posted by takingsky on May 4, 2016 at 7:35 AM

Story: The Flabby Man 

Mag: 100 word story

Editorial comment:

Thank you for sending us "The Flabby Man". We appreciate the chance to read it because we believe that making art is such a daring, wonderful act.


It's difficult for us because despite the number of great pieces we receive, many of them don't quite fit into our editorial needs. We're glad you thought of us, though, and hope that you'll submit again. We receive too many manuscripts to make individual comment possible, but we do wish you luck in placing this with another magazine.


Thanks again. Best of luck with this.



100 Word Story


My comment: had had this piece published before, but it had disappeared from the net, so asked if I could submit again, and the editor kindly said yes. Be nice to get in there, looks a lovely site...

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